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Mystery Babylon, 2005

Crystalline and glowing neon, Babylon is the greatest city on glacier-veiled Earth. Uprooted from its past, the human race has grown cold and passive, its final days are drawing deliriously nigh. Jean-Michel Delacroix fights to free humanity from its fetters, but his faith in the Cause is wavering, throwing him into a cocktail of distraction. Gita Sonaltara lives on the streets of Babylon, but a chance meeting with a mysterious woman irrevocably changes her ascetic life forever, whisking her away to a dark ocean chateau. Their paths begin to interlace: Destiny dances waiting.

Mystery Babylon is a space opera that follows two stories that weave through an empty universe fearful of tragedy and suffering. This unearthly world seduces with multiple tropes and threads ebbing and flowing through a complex tapestry, lavishly wrapping conflicting characters who colour the lives of two people at odds with a eunuch race. As the warp and weft of this rich tapestry, Gita and Jean-Michel’s dual stories hold it together with a tension that threatens to tear it apart. Tragedy waits, but in what form?

Work in Progress:

Ever Darkly Tuesday

A psychological triptych that follows the downfall of Tyr Anderssen, a man with a dark past and a darker secret within. Flirting with self-destruction, he’s taken on too much in his new career as a doctor. He’s addicted to the accolades though he shuns them, but his new career demands them as well as sacrifice. A career that has distant colleagues taking their own lives as they crumble between unrelenting expectations, intimidation and humiliation.

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